Glass Printing Conference in Germany



Dip-Tech held its first Customer Conference in Europe on January 19-20, 2017, at the Novotel Munich Messe Hotel. Customers from around the world including Europe, Australia and Africa were in attendance.

This event provided the opportunity to learn more about the latest techniques in sales and marketing for digitally printed glass.

Customers saw more of the printing capabilities, with specialised application inks, graphic techniques, colour matching, photo realistic images, patterns, textures,  and the newest collection of material imitation stone and wood patterns.

For more information on Dip-Tech you can visit their website.


BAU Exhibit

18 - January 2017

BAU2017, described as the worlds leading trade fair for architecture and materials was a great opportunity to see the latest in architectural innovations and printing technology. As well as be inspired for future ideas, projects, exhibitions and events.

A geometric pattern that when viewed from further away becomes an interesting gradient of solid colour to faded pattern. Displayed by Schuco BAU 2017
This beautiful high resolution tiger image scaled over two panels makes for a striking feature wall. Displayed by Grupo Sosoares BAU 2017 


A brochure and sample created by Glas Expert EVO PRINT on display. The brochure showcases examples of projects installed and applications possible. The sample demonstrates the fine details with small type that can be achieved as well as a few colour swatches.
Acid Etch a textured frosted effect displayed at different levels of visibility. It is not limited to entire areas of coverage but can also produce patterns, as pictured a repetitive fish pattern. Displayed by Sevasa BAU 2017
Using high quality images for large scale printing. The stone wall is great example of taking materials such as stone or marble and using them in such a way that creates decorative building features that would otherwise have required more time to construct and at higher expense. Display by Glastosch BAU 2017
 Using printed glass as a privacy screen for an office space and to display photos as shown by the glass cubes. Displayed by Thiele glas BAU 2017
As the graphic designer for GTS a Sydney based company I was able to experience a display showcase of glass applications and the many examples of glass printing. Many exhibitors had worked with the same printing technology available to GTS so it was great to see the printing capabilities.